Boycott BART!

You don't need to come to a protest to help us disrupt "business as usual" at BART. A boycott is an action you take as an individual, on a regular daily basis:
  • Maybe you can take AC transit to work instead of that BART ride.
  • Maybe you can ride the casual carpool to get over the bay.
  • Maybe you can't fully boycott BART, but there are times you can choose not to ride it. You can use it less.
  • Or if you ride BART for free, like when they open the gates during special events or protests, that counts too, since you aren't giving BART your money.
We are also joining the Prisoners of Conscience Committee (POCC) and Block Report Radio in calling for people to make a special effort to boycott BART on the following days:
  • Oscar Grant's Birthday!
  • On every day that Johannes Mehserle or any other BART cop is standing trial in court for what happened to Oscar!
  • On every day that Oscar Grant protesters are standing trial in court for trying to win our collective demands for Justice!
Help educate your friends about the alternatives to BART and the reasons to boycott! Only about 1 in 4 people who ride BART have no other transit options. And about half of BART's operating budget comes from the farebox, with most of that money coming from the East Bay, where people have other options. These small individual actions add up, so YOU can make a difference!