Other Organizations

A number of organizations are working specifically in pursuit of justice for Oscar Grant III.
Coalition Against Police Execution (CAPE) is a coalition to insure that Oscar Grant is the last citizen executed by police in this country. The coalition consists of a large number of well-established Bay Area organizations as well as community leaders. CAPE has organized the two largest rallies on January 7th (at Fruitvale BART) and 14th (at Oakland City Hall and the DA's office), and their strategy is to organize and lobby at the local, state, and national levels in order to push their demands and keep the attention on the broader issue. They organize through facebook and communicate via a blog website and twitter, as well as participating in and hosting townhall style community forums. For more information contact joincape@gmail.com.

Town Hall Meeting Series (Black Clergy Initiated) is a weekly town hall meeting on Saturday at 4PM at Olivet Institutional Missionary Baptist Church in West Oakland, organized by prominent Black Clergy. The clergy has been very active in engaging with and challenging the BART board and local leaders, and the townhall is a point of contact with the public to report news and advance their organizing strategies. The forums also open space for other groups to share news and ideas on strategy. The clergy is currently focused on holding DA Tom Orloff accountable (they have initiated a recall effort), and pressuring Sacramento to change the laws and policies that give rise to police murders of our youth. The forums are also a great place to keep updated on (and get inspiration in) the struggle for justice.

Town Bizness Townhall Meeting Series (Prisoners of Conscience Committee (POCC) Initiated). POCC Minister of Information JR is committed to hosting these monthly Forums at the Black Dot Cafe at 1195 Pine Street in West Oakland, so that the people will have a forum to discuss what is going on, as well as to get updated on organizing efforts. The next Town Bizness Townhall Meetings will be announced on the Block Report Radio and SF Bay View websites. Read JR's report report on the first meeting.

Justice4OscarGrant Email List is a discussion forum managed by mesha Monge-Irizarry of the Idriss Stelley Foundation. It is a large list, with a set of demands that have been endorsed by a large number of organizations, and is a good way to find out who is out there, what they are doing, and get the word out to them.

Oakland 100 Support Committee (O100) is a temporary organization that exists to connect with protesters arrested during mobilizations for justice for Oscar Grant. It endeavors to connect them with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), to generate resources for arrestees (funds, etc), and to be part of the larger campaing to demand that all charges be dropped! Their blog is here, and you can email them at Oakland100@gmail.com for more information.

DROP THE CHARGES! is not an organization but a widespread effort in the movement to demand that Oscar Grant protesters in jail be released and all charges against them be dropped! You can participate by making phone calls and pressuring local officials to reject repression and stand for justice instead.

Oakland Copwatch is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to monitoring police actions and non-violently asserting our rights. The group is in the process of forming, and large meetings are being held regularly. Members have been inspired by the importance and significance of "copwatching" that occured on the BART platform when Oscar Grant III was murdered. Oakland Copwatch is also supporting Oscar Grant demonstrations to keep police accountable and protesters safe. They have a facebook group and a website which is still under construction. They are working closely with Berkeley Copwatch and you can email them at oaklandcopwatch@gmail.com to get involved.
If there is information that should be corrected, please contact nojusticenobart@gmail.com.