Pass out some flyers!

This is really easy to do, and pretty important to our strategy. Please hand these flyers out to folks at the station(s), or on the platforms, or walk the BART trains handing them out and putting them on seats. Or put them on parked cars and BART advertisements. Its pretty easy to do, especially if you have to commute via BART. Also, hang one on your fridge, or at your place of work, at your favorite coffee shop, you get the idea!

If you can print these flyers out, please do, otherwise contact us and we can bring you a stack!

PS: For maximum effect, use flyering as an opportunity to start a conversation about Oscar Grant, how justice has not been done, and how it won't be done unless we mobilize!

PPS: If you are a designer and want to help us make flyers, or you made your own flyer, let us know so we can put it up here!