BART: Justice Derailed

Is it really that bad at BART? Yes, it is. Here are some links to articles and opinion pieces that detail just how dire the situation has become at BART, and how shameful their handling of this incident has been.
And here are some videos that make the point.

Watch BART Board president Thomas Blalock say, "We still need to be patient and not let our emotions get us carried away, and try to get ahead of the curve. Let's get the puzzle put together and then we'll come to a conclusion." This video is two months old, we're still waiting for a "conclusion". Apparently, the BART Board prefers to operate by staying way, way behind the curve.

Listen to BART Police Chief Gee say, at a press conference riddled with BART lies on January 12th, that his investigation had concluded that all the OTHER officers on the platform "followed protocol and performed their duties in a professional manner" when they assaulted BART passengers and stole cell phones and covered up their murder of Oscar Grant. Apparently, Tony Pirone's assault of Oscar Grant constitutes professional police work and BART police protocol.

Listen to BART spokesperson Linton Johnson say "If we screwed it up, we'll say we screwed it up. If it was justified, we'll say that it's justified. But whatever happens, happens. It'll be what it is." Apparently, the video was too "grainy" for BART to admit they screwed something up.